Half PS Plus classic PS1 games are 50Hz PAL versions in UK

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(Pocket-lint) – The new PlayStation Plus tiers have now launched in the UK and retro games fans might be dismayed to learn that over half the classic PSOne games available to PS Plus Premium subscribers are presented in their 50Hz PAL forms.

However, Sony has confirmed that it will roll out “NTSC options” for a majority of them in future.

The issue with 50Hz PAL versions of games is that they traditionally run slower than their 60Hz NTSC equivalents. Plus, modern flatscreen TVs aren’t geared up to run 50Hz titles effectively.

That wasn’t an issue in the case of UK CRT televisions, which were PAL by their nature. But modern sets run best at 30Hz, 60Hz or 120Hz, so the PAL versions of the games can skip frames, stutter and generally perform poorly.

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Having the option to play them in native 60Hz will greatly improve that, therefore.

VGC reports that Ape Escape, Everybody’s Golf, Jumping Flash, Kurushi, Syphon Filter, Wild Arms and Worms World Party all run in 50Hz currently, with only six games already offered in 60Hz.

Classic games are only available on the highest tier of the new PS Plus, with Premium subscribers getting access to PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games alongside a collection of 400+ PS4 and PS5 games.

You can see the entire games list here.

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