New Crash Bandicoot or Skylanders could be on the cards

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(Pocket-lint) – Skylanders and Crash Bandicoot developer Toys for Bob could soon announce a new game in one of those series.

The studio tweeted a quiz on its official account, asking fans to name the games it has made so far. Once revealed, the final list shows one extra title hidden behind question marks.

That has lead some to believe that Skylanders could be rebooted in the near(ish) future, while others believe Crash Bandicoot 5 could be planned.

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The latter is more probable considering a new Crash game has been rumoured before.

Toys for Bob’s last major release was Crash Bandicoot 4: it’s About Time – a critically acclaimed platform sequel that was released in 2020.

But, like Vicarious Visions, the Activision-owned studio was subsequently taken off other projects to help on Call of Duty. Thankfully, and perhaps partly fuelled by the forthcoming Xbox buyout, Activision now sees value in the developer returning to work on a new game of its own.

This is further evidenced through job adverts posted by the developer: “Toys for Bob’s experienced developers are looking for creative individuals ready to take on exciting and new projects,” it posted (as reported by VGC).

Of course, it might be that the team has an all new IP up its sleeve. Hopefully, we won’t have too long to find out.

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