Pak de Stadia Premiere Edition met Chromecast Ultra voor slechts £ 19,99

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(Pocket-lint) – Oké, dus misschien ben je niet zo enthousiast over Stadia , maar aangezien deze bundel de fantastische Chromecast Ultra van Google bevat, is het een koopje.

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Google Stadia Premiere Edition - slechts £ 19,99

The Chromecast Ultra is no longer available separately, being superseded by the fantastic Chromecast with Google TV, but it originally went for £70 in the UK. It’s still a fantastic option to beam 4K content to your TV.

It works like any other Chromecast dongle, plugging in to a HDMI port on your television and allowing you to stream almost anything from your smartphone. This, of course, includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ et al.

Plus, you get the Stadia controller, and even if you’re not planning to sign up to Stadia – it’s pretty easy to set up for use on PC with Steam. It’s a really solid game pad that normally retails for £59.

The combined value makes for one of the best early Black Friday deals we’ve seen this year so far.

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