Star Wars Jedi Survivor is official name of Fallen Order 2, teaser trailer released

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(Pocket-lint) – EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that the sequel to 2019’s Fallen Order is called Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and that it will be released in 2023 for curren-gen consoles and PC only.

That means it will be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S but not PS4 nor Xbox One.

A teaser trailer has also been released, as part of the Star Wars Celebration convention.

It has been revealed that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s plot picks up five years after the events in Fallen Order, with Cal Kestis being pursued by the Empire as one of the last Jedi in the galaxy.

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BD-1 is back too, while a new cast of characters will join him on his quest throughout the new action-adventure.

Kestis will gain new skills this time, with an expansion on the excellent combat mechanics we enjoyed greatly in the first game.

“Even before completing Jedi: Fallen Order, our team had a vision of how to carry the adventure for Cal, BD, and the crew into the sequel,” said the game director for Respawn, Stig Asmussen.

“For Jedi: Survivor, we are working in lockstep with Lucasfilm Games to build on the legacy of Jedi: Fallen Order. We’re leveraging advanced technology to create more dynamic Jedi combat and cinematic storytelling to expand on Cal’s story as he matures and survives during the dark times.

“We can’t wait to share more about the game with the world later this year.”

You can catch up with the latest on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in our handy guide here.

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